Looking back on Lockdown

In the early days when the first social distancing restrictions were put in place, my biggest nightmare was having to keep our three young boys at home for 14 days. Priding ourselves of raising “free-range” kids, I was already conjuring up ideas of a family-escape to the woods just to avoid having to keep them confined indoors for that long, should the quarantine measures be declared.

A bite of the Empty Nest

The baby turned a year old last month, and I wasn’t prepared for it. No, I didn’t forget, of course not. Let me clarify that. I know three children can be a handful. I sometimes have to keep counting them, just to make sure they’re all there. One is reading a book on the couch. Check….

Winter Wonderland

Living out in the countryside, it can get quite lonely at times. Especially for a full-time mom whose husband is away for work most of the week. And although the cold has a nasty way of keeping us indoors, we make it a point to try to get out for at least an hour or…