Going to work with the City Cleaners: a parenting win!

One morning at 6:50am, Mr.M dropped our son off at the maintenance depot and he “went to work” with the road sweeper for the day.

Walking the Bisse of Valais

In time for summer hikes, here I share the article I wrote for the online magazine NewlySwissed about these extra-ordinary man-made irrigation networks in the Swiss Alps.

Secrets behind the Walls

Ever seen that 007 film where James Bond discovers the underground base of Dr. No? Science fiction? Well, when I first heard about the secret fortresses hidden everywhere in the Swiss mountains, that’s what I thought of.

Quoi de neuf?

Yesterday was the first day of my French course. And I felt like the village idiot whose tongue got tied every time someone asked me a question. What was I thinking, agreeing to move to a region where I can’t even speak or understand the language to function as myself, let alone as a mother…

13 Facts about the Swiss Guards

I wrote a version of this article originally for  Newly Swissed Online Magazine and was published on May 6, 2016, on the day of the Swearing-In Ceremony of the Swiss Guards in Rome. So this is my take on some interesting facts about the Swiss Guards. A fan of traditions of all sorts, this little list…


Officially the end of Christmas Season, today the country celebrates the Three Kings Day. In scripture, it is on this day that the three wise men arrive at the baby Jesus’s cradle, with their offerings of gold, myrrh, and frankincense. So today, in bakeries everywhere one can buy the Dreikönigsbrot (Threekings Bread). Somewhere inside is…