Being Filipino

Besides being quite Swiss, being Filipino is also an important part of our identity. This section is dedicated to many other Filipino families abroad who, like us, struggle to balance integrating into our current home without losing touch of our undeniable Filipino roots.

I myself was raised abroad in Saudi Arabia but also learned my parents’ language (Tagalog) and still consider it my mothertongue ’til today. Throughout my tertiary studies in the Philippines, understanding the language has led to perspectives and experiences, and lasting friendships that would not have been possible otherwise.

Though I am no literary expert, I do my best to pass down Tagalog to my children, hoping to gift them this window into a culture that is a part of their heritage.

A growing playlist of every-day videos of our Swiss-Filipino children learning and speaking Tagalog in our daily lives.

The channel features un-edited videos of the Tagalog language development of our children throughout the years. I’ve kept the footage uncut as a means of simply sharing our daily lives and conversations. Hopefully, a glimpse into our multi-lingual lives will inspire other Filipino families abroad to celebrate their Filipino dialect (be it Tagalog, Visayan, Kapampangan, or one of the other 180+ languages and dialects of our beautiful country) by simply passing it down to their children growing up away from the motherland.

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