Finding balance by jumpstarting a career?


It’s been about a year since I’ve stepped back into professional life after a solid 4 years (!) of pursuing the life and science of child-rearing. Only 18 months ago, I was still quite content with this domesticated life. But that changed almost overnight.

Here I share my journey back into the very broad field of medical and regulatory science. This is the article I wrote for the EMWA (European Medical Writer’s Association) Medical Writing Magazine that was published last March, 2020. Here my words appear next to an article written by an established writer. His and many others who continue to contribute to this magazine are prime examples of this profession. Enjoy!

With all the current issues today on gender discrimination, racial discrimination, and still the much-debated maternity or parental leave, I am blessed to have met the right people who didn’t rely on exactly those default world-views and instead gave me a chance. These are the people we should celebrate each day.

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