Making Decorative Easter Eggs

Exactly four years ago, while waiting for our first son to be born, my mother and I spent quiet evenings creating decorative Easter Eggs from real eggs. To our embarassment, we had to employ Mr. M, who incidentally learned it as a child in school, to teach us how to empty the eggs without breaking the shells.

So even though many already know of this method, here’s to all who don’t, like my mom and I four years ago. Besides if you’re anyway in need of a lot of eggs for baking a cake for Easter, why not make use of the shells instead of buying plastic ones at the store to decorate. 🙂


  • Egg(s)
  • needle
  • water-based paint
  • ribbons

Step 1: with a needle, pierce a hole into one end of the egg (making use of cloth or tissue, instead of pressing on the pointy head of the needle)

Step 2: repeat step 1 on the other end of the egg, but make the hole larger, this is the side where the egg will come out

Step 3: make sure the egg is clean & blow out the egg white and egg yolk from the side with the pinhole, into a bowl (warning: the pressure inside the egg is quite high, try not to exert too much effort at once)

Your empty eggshell is ready for painting. Its contents ready for baking 😉

Step 5:  I used acrylic paint and designed a ribbon that would hide the larger hole.

Repeat for however many eggs you need for your cake, or want for display.

And Voila! This set is now four years old and gives us fond memories of those days spent in anticipation of the first addition to our little family. Happy Easter everyone!




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    1. Cherry says:

      thank you! painting them was also very calming 😌

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