A Pre-schooler’s Laptop

Granted, we do practice strict digital access for our children… but it doesn’t mean we don’t encourage them having their own devices. So the other day, together with my son, we built a laptop just for him, from spare parts. It has all the capabilities as marketed laptops, with a built-in camera and bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it even boasts of a touchscreen and finger-recognition strip and much more. I must say it’s quite the device, especially for a 3 year-old.

Now, whenever he wants to call his grandparents, he just taps the icon on the touchscreen and calls them online. Later, when he pretends to go to work, he takes his laptop to the table, opens it and says, “Sandali lang Mama, huwag kang maingay, meron akong kailangang sulatan,” (“Hold on Mama, you must be quiet, I need to write to someone”) and proceeds by typing away diligently at his white keyboard.

The best feature, I think, about this fancy preschooler’s laptop, is that it’s built entirely from recycled parts. Not only is it eco-friendly, it’s also one-of-a-kind and won’t be needing any upgrades anytime soon. The body is made from packaging cardboard enhanced with packaging tape to give a sleek look, the touchscreen and icons made from leftover stickers, the keyboard printed directly from our home-printer, and all the top features and capabilities made possible by a 3 year old’s imagination.


  • 2 Carton cut-outs 13″
  • keyboard printout
  • stickers
  • mouse cut-out
  • lots of tape and strings
  • don’t forget to create your own logo!

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