Officially the end of Christmas Season, today the country celebrates the Three Kings Day. In scripture, it is on this day that the three wise men arrive at the baby Jesus’s cradle, with their offerings of gold, myrrh, and frankincense. So today, in bakeries everywhere one can buy the Dreikönigsbrot (Threekings Bread). Somewhere inside is a little plastic king waiting to be found (not three, however, to my disappointment). Whoever finds it, hopefully without biting into it first, gets to wear the crown for the day (it comes with the bread) and be king! King of the day means he/she is allowed one little wish that everyone else must fulfill. Well, in realistic terms that is, no wishing for cars or houses or ridiculously expensive things here. Today of course our three-year-old became king, fortunately for me, he didn’t know what to wish for, so I suggested another handful of bread. 😉

Happy Three Kings!




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