Seelensteg, Heiligkreuz

In search of other things to do on damp, cold and non-snowy winterdays, we discovered the Seelensteg in the middle of the woods in Heiligkreuz, Hasle. A small slow tour on a wooden walkway in the forest, inviting its visitors to tread quietly, listening to the running stream, the chirping birds and the wind in the trees.

Separated by different stations, the steps wind up or down, following the natural rise and fall of the forest. At every station you can sit on the wooden bench and watch and listen, or read a little poem or anecdote about man and nature. Perfect for escaping the everyday rush, you’ll find yourself taking it slow, even when you’re used to running from one place to another during your daily routines. The steps can be narrow and steep, where only one side is built with hand-railings, the other open to the empty, so even at a fast pace, you must remain careful and secure each step one after the other.

A small tour fit for families with small children too, as long as parents are ready to guide them along. Here they can start to master being careful and observing their environment, as our 3-year-old enjoyed taking the steps down to take them back up, but also be reminded to take care of ourselves as well as nature around us.

One station read in German, “It takes no effort to step on a snail, but not even the smartest professor on Earth can create one.”


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